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Game Mechanics & Logistics

Thanks for joining the FRIENDS OF MAN campaign! Since you’ve joined, I encourage to bring your laptop, tablet, or other device to sessions so you can access this campaign information on demand, consult the adventure logs if you’ve forgotten something important, track changes to your character in a quick and easy fashion, etc. However, I will impose a “21st Century Netiquette penalty” on all XP earned by players using their devices during game time for something other than game-related activities (barring emergencies and so forth).

House Rules
New Class — The Greater Familiar
New Magic
New Weapons and Equipment
Noble Animals
For reference — Hypertext D20 SRD All the core rules in one place.
For reference — The Revised D&D SRD Same as above, but with a different look.

The Setting

Westdale And Its Wilds
Gods Of Westdale And Its Wilds
Races Of Man
The Tale Of Beginnings

Main Page

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