A rabbit cleric? A wolf ranger? A snake sorcerer… with a half-elf familiar? What kind of campaign is this?!

From Aesop’s Fables to Kung Fu Panda, myth and fantasy across world cultures have often featured talking, wise, and/or magical animals as heroes, or the heroes’ allies. FRIENDS OF MAN is a humble contribution to this ancient lore tradition, in the form of a D&D campaign where all (or at least most) of the player characters are animals.

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The current PC party consists of:
“Bear,” a black bear fighter who has never received a name due to the tragedy of his childhood
Dread, a wolverine barbarian
Evra, a snake sorcerer with a NPC half-elf familiar
Lulu, a rabbit cleric
Lyall, a wolf ranger
Roxie, a raccoon rogue

The party is brought together in their early adventures by the NPC
Digger, a German shepherd paladin.

Player characters for FRIENDS OF MAN will be created using the PHB and Skirmisher Publishing’s supplement The Noble Wild: An Animal’s Player’s Handbook for OGL Role-Playing Games (henceforth abbreviated NW). Other resources may be allowed, but are subject to DM approval.

Certain animal species – namely, the iconic African or Asian animals – will be unavailable at the campaign’s start (though they may become available at a later time), and humanoid characters will be subject to DM approval. A complete list of available starting species can be found in the house rules.

Go to the Forums to discuss scheduling issues, rules questions, in-character and out-character chats, and so forth.

Go to the wiki to learn more about the setting of this campaign, called Westdale And Its Wilds.

Finally, be sure to click on the Characters Tab to get a look at some sample starting-level animal PCs. You can use them as a guide or inspiration for your own starting character, or simply “adopt” one of them to play as-is. The sample PCs are:

* Digger, a 1st-level male German shepherd paladin, self-appointed guardian of the people of Westdale
* Thoop Thundercroak, a 1st-level male toad wizard who comes from a family of warriors
* Bright-Sky-After-Storm, a 1st-level male deer fighter who’s formed a loose friendship with Digger
* Trebora, a 1st-level female black bear cleric who suspects the kobolds of the eastern mountains are up to something, and
* Garrick Toadthrall, a 1st-level male halfling greater familiar (new class introduced in NW), who serves Thoop while suffering from amnesia brought on by his summoning.

Friends Of Man

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