House Rules

Notable Exceptions

This campaign will disregard the Blood Components, Ability Sacrifice, and XP Cost For Deeds described in The Noble Wild. I do not believe in penalizing characters for using their core abilities.

Instead of Blood Components we will simply assume that all noble animals have the bonus feats of Eschew Materials and Greater Eschew Materials.

Similarly, for Boon Creation Feats, Ability Sacrifice simply does not exist. All you ever have to pay is the listed XP cost.

For Deeds, there is never an XP cost, though you must still meet all the other pre-requisites of a given deed. 1st level characters are eligible for a Deed, but cannot begin play with one; they must first perform the necessary listed action. Characters become eligible to begin new Deed progressions at every odd-numbered level after 1st.

Available Starting Species

The following noble animal species can be found in Westdale And Its Wilds, and are thus eligible for starting characters.

* Badger (including Skunk)
* Bat
* Bear (black bear only)
* Big Cat (excluding jaguar, leopard, ocelot, & panther)
* Bird Of Prey (excluding condor & vulture)
* Canine (all types)
* Cat
* Deer
* Donkey
* Equine (Heavy Horse, Light Horse, or Pony)
* Goat (including Sheep)
* Herdbeast
* Lizard
* Moose
* Otter
* Owl
* Rabbit
* Raccoon
* Raven (including Crow)
* Rodent (all types)
* Snake (excluding constrictor)
* Songbird (Dove only)
* Toad (including Frog)
* Tortoise
* Weasel (including Ferret)
* Wolverine

Bonus Experience

I will award a +10% XP bonus per adventure to all group members who sign up on Obsidian Portal and regularly use its features to update their characters.

In addition, bonus XP will be awarded to anyone who contributes to the campaign website in the form of original artwork, in-character adventure journals, and so forth. These creations can be posted in the forums, on your character’s pages, or sent to me privately so I can upload them myself.

Skills & Skill Points

I’ve never liked the D&D 3.5 skills system, and it looks like most of you feel the same way. So, we will be ignoring it in favor of the following system:

You can assume that your character automatically has (your class level +3) ranks in any skills listed as class skills for your class. Non-class skills will rely on straight attribute checks. Make a note of which attributes (Str, Con, etc.) are associated with which of your class skills. Whenever you want to use that skill, roll a d20, and add your ability modifier + your (class level +3) to the result. For non-class skills, simply roll a d20 and add the relevant ability modifier.

House Rules

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