The lord-mayor of Westdale


Lord-Mayor Tancred acquired his post five human years ago, after the distant Grand Duke Hylid ascended to power and claimed mastery over Westdale and all the other land of the northern Great Valley. Tancred is not a native of the village, and is widely regarded by the residents as a cruel, vindictive, selfish man… at least when they talk about him behind his back. To his face, they are full of flattery, and he thus believes he is a much-loved ruler.

There are two reasons for the flattery. First, Tancred is an effective and efficient administrator who gets things done and generally looks out for the village’s collective financial health (especially when it coincides with his own greed). Second, he is firmly allied with Constable Kevis and town guard, as well as the distant Grand Duke’s knights, whose aid he can expect with great speed when faced with any challenge to his power in Westdale.

So, he may be a cruel and, in some ways, wicked little man, but he mostly minds his own business.


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